Allergic Rhinitis

allergic rhinitis

Get advice and treatments for allergic rhinitis through our private service. Contact us or ask in-store.

Asthma Inhaler

Private Asthma Inhaler

Are you looking for an asthma inhaler supply? We offer a convenient private service for asthma inhalers, simply ask in-store.

Ear infection

Ear infection

Are you having symptoms suggestive of an ear infection? See one of our pharmacists for expert advice and treatment through our private service.

Period Delay

Period Delay Tablet

Are you travelling or have an important occasion and want to delay your period? We offer a convenient private period delay tablet service.

Sore Throat

Sore Throat Treatment

Get expert advice and treatment for sore throat infection through our private service. No appointment is required, simply walk in.

Urine Infection

Urine infection Treatment

Are you suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) symptoms? We offer a private consultation and treatment service. Walk in, no appointment required.

Private Covid Vaccine

We offer a private covid-19 vaccination service. Book your appointment online to get the vaccine at the pharmacy.

Speciality Vaccine

Get Speciality Vaccines (non-travel) in Hampstead. Book your appointment online.

Morning After Pill

Morning-After Pill Service in Hampstead

The morning-after pill, also known as an emergency hormonal contraceptive pill, can be taken