Period Delay

Private Period Delay Tablets in Hampstead

We understand that sometimes your period can be inconvenient, especially when you have special events or holidays planned. At House Of Mistry Pharmacy in Hampstead, we offer a private and confidential Period Delay Service to help you manage your menstrual cycle and enjoy those important occasions without worry. Contact us or visit us in-store.

How Does it Work?

The medication we typically use for period delay contains norethisterone, a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone. It works by maintaining high progesterone levels in your body, which prevents the lining of your uterus from shedding and thus delays your period.
It is important to note that this doesn’t prevent pregnancy so you need to use protection even if you are using the period delay tablet.

Get Private period delay tablets in Hampstead

Getting your period delay tablets is simple. One of our pharmacists will have a short consultation with you to determine the suitability. You can also discuss any questions that you might have. If suitable, you will be offered a supply of the period delay tablets. Please note this is a private service, a fee is payable at the pharmacy.
Please contact us or visit us in-store.