Private Covid Vaccine
We offer a private covid-19 vaccination service. Book your appointment online to get the vaccine at the pharmacy.
Speciality Vaccine
Get Speciality Vaccines (non-travel) in Hampstead. Book your appointment online.
Travel Vaccination clinic in Hampstead
Travel Vaccination clinic
We offer a wide range of travel vaccinations at our pharmacy. If you need vaccinations for travel
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House Of Mistry Pharmacy

The House of Mistry is a community pharmacy based in the heart of Hampstead, next to Hampstead Heath and the Royal Free Hospital in North West London. We provide a wide range of NHS and private services to serve the local population.  We also offer a comprehensive private travel vaccination clinic. Browse our website to find more about our services or visit us in-store.

Need last minute vaccines for your trip abroad? We offer a walk-in clinic, simply visit us at the pharmacy. 

Walk-in Service

Private Consultation and Treatment

Allergic Rhinitis
Get advice and treatments for allergic rhinitis through our private service. Contact us or ask in-store.
Asthma Inhaler
Are you looking for an asthma inhaler supply? We offer a convenient private service for asthma inhalers, simply ask in-store.
Ear infection
Are you having symptoms suggestive of an ear infection? See one of our pharmacists for expert advice and treatment through our private service.
Period Delay
Are you travelling or have an important occasion and want to delay your period? We offer a convenient private period delay tablet service.
Sore Throat
Get expert advice and treatment for sore throat infection through our private service. No appointment is required, simply walk in.
Urine Infection
Are you suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) symptoms? We offer a private consultation and treatment service. Walk in, no appointment required.

Vitamin B12 Injection Service

Book your private vitamin b12 injection online, complete a short medical questionnaire and once approved, you can visit us at the House of Mistry Pharmacy to get your b12 injection.

House Of Mistry

Our Reviews and Testimonials

Oleksandra Shevkoplyas
Oleksandra Shevkoplyas
The best pharmacy with a vast variety of supplements, organic products and pharmaceuticals. The only place, where I found homeopathic treatment in the city. Beautiful people working here.
Lovely family run pharmacy, if your lucky you can see Mr Mistry sometimes, very kind and knowledgeable homeopathic pharmacist, all the staff here very helpful and friendly. They have a very wide range of alternative medicines as well as a fully functioning pharmacy, plus healthy foods, treats, options and a vast range of organic products . Support your local shops.
valentina melody
valentina melody
I always find what I'm looking for and usually an unexpected something extra. Great team of knowable staff.
G. Wilson
G. Wilson
Like this place always helpful has a pharmacy and lots of herbal remedies for those who prefer it
Aaron Horn
Aaron Horn
Amazing family run local pharmacy, with home made remedies and amazing staff.
Danielle Newman
Danielle Newman
They have always sorted me out. A lovely mix of pharmaceuticals and more holistic medication. So happy to have them in the neighbourhood.
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings
This is an Aladdin’s cave. It stocks a wide variety of health foods. The old gentleman in a lab coat is helpful and knowledgeable. A great shop.

Book Your Travel Vaccination Today

Are you travelling abroad soon? Book your travel vaccination clinic appointment online for expert travel health advice, vaccinations and antimalarials. To ensure that you leave enough time to get the recommended vaccines, book at least 6-8 weeks before your departure. We also offer a walk-in service, visit us at the pharmacy or call us on 020 7794 0848

House Of Mistry


Travel Safely with Hampstead Travel Vaccination Clinic

Travelling abroad for a holiday, studying, work or adventure? When you plan your holiday, don’t forget to check that you have all the required and recommended vaccinations.

Private Vitamin B12 Injection Service In Hampstead

Vitamin b12 is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in the synthesis and function of red blood cells and the nervous system.

Meningitis ACWY Vaccine and certificate for Hajj and Umrah – Hampstead

If you are due to travel for Hajj or Umrah to Saudi Arabia, make sure that you check the compulsory requirements for Meningitis ACWY vaccination and certificate.